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Thought of the Week: The Trouble with Sales Training

The Trouble with Sales Training

I am a huge proponent of sales training and development. However, senior management often challenges the investment when there are not corresponding results. What is the trouble with sales training?

The answer is simple. It’s often spent on trying to improve the performance of people who have a sales title, but not a sales mentality. Some people just don’t belong in sales and no amount of training or other resources is going to change that fact.

Start at the beginning when evaluating sales training effectiveness. Am I investing in the right people? If not, there is probably no amount of sales training that is going to have a positive impact.

While this process may be unsettling, and you may not like the answers you uncover, as well as having some difficult conversations with members of your team, it is the only way to ensure you will be able to achieve your goals.



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