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Jim Stevens
Chief Operating Officer
M3 Commercial Moving & Logistics
Phoenix, AZ

Vincent Burruano is the best sales leader I've ever had the privilege of working for. He's a genius. And was always purely focused on working side by side with you to make you better.

Mick Wienholt
Core Business Consulting, Inc dba
Schooley Mitchell of Richmond

"I'm writing to express my gratitude for the help you have provided over the years we've worked together. For starters you have always been appropriately pragmatic while at the same time optimistic and encouraging about building a better way forward and a better future.

On the whole I believe that your coaching has been invaluable, but given that our professional lives are closely measured I can provide specific value to your impact. As a result of you guiding me I was able to lead my team of seven sales professionals to the highest level of performance ever seen in my organization. The collective performance of the team exceeded $1 million in sales in a single month, which had never previously been done. Additionally, as the Sales Executive I outperformed all of my national peers and achieved the Board of Directors designation three consecutive years, These stats are simply easy ways to quantify your impact!

I'm most impressed by your genuine willingness to help others. It is clear that your intentions are to help others become more successful, not exclusively in the workplace, and not exclusively for a particular metric or measure. Instead you help people achieve comprehensive improvement, which leads to better outcomes for them in the workplace and beyond. Moreover, you have demonstrated consistent improvement in your approach to selling and leading talented sales professionals. Said another way, you practice what you preach and that has further deepened my respect for you.

Your encouragement - again appropriately tempered - helped me to transition to owning my own business. I am delighted to report that my launch has been successful as I have acquired clients quickly, due in large part to messaging that you helped develop.

In closing, thank you for your help throughout my corporate career and your guidance to me as an entrepreneur. It is an absolute pleasure working with you and I look forward to our continued friendship and continued success."

Fred Diamond
 Institute for Excellence in Sales

“A career in professional sales can be one of the most rewarding choices you can make, not just financially but emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. But you need to get started on the right foot. Vince does an excellent job spelling out how to put the foundation in place for an amazing career.”

Robert C. "Bob" Greene 
CEO and Lead Sales Trainer
RCG Workgroup

Praise for The New Sales Professional’s Playbook


"At the end of the day, selling is about building relationships to become a trusted advisor to your client and helping them make informed buying decisions. Although Vince is an advocate for continuous learning, and he readily admits that his should not be the only book you read regarding how to improve your sales game, if you had only one book to choose to help you improve your sales acumen and execution, you would not go wrong in selecting this one."

Leonte Benton
T. Dallas Smith & Company

See pdf.

John Flood
Flood Brothers Moving & Storage
May 2022 Learning Event at Flood Brothers in Atlanta_edited.jpg

“If you want to build a salesforce, stop making hiring mistakes and take a more scientific approach to building a team.  Let Vince show you the way.  You will be impressed, I am.”

Scott Swanson
Advantage Moving & Storage Inc.
Morgan Myers
Sales Manager
Cal's Moving & Storage

Anthony Parziale, Jr.

Director of Business Development

The Advance Group

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