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I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners take their enterprises to the next level.  My goal is to be your trusted advisor who can provide insights to help you improve your company’s performance.  The right partner should be able to help you simultaneously grow revenues while improving overall profitability.

There is no way a website can help you determine if I can create value for you and your business.  I much prefer to schedule a chat to discuss your business, your goals, and to see if there might be an opportunity for us to work together.

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Quotes from Vincent Burruano

Selling Signals

"Top 24 Business Proposal Ideas to Accelerate Your Deals"

"Don’t call it a proposal, call it a 'recommendation'. Experts provide recommendations after conducting a thorough discovery and analysis. Sales professionals should do the same. By thinking of yourself as an expert providing a recommendation, you become a consultative salesperson that's more trustworthy. We're pre-conditioned psychologically to respect recommendations from experts."


"The biggest challenge is probably discerning if the prospect is a serious buyer or just kicking tires, asking questions to uncover what the prospect values will determine whether your offering aligns with what they want to achieve."

“If you offer a great product, with excellent service, but are the most expensive in the market, it probably doesn’t make sense to work with someone who doesn’t value quality and wants the cheapest price. Can you convince some people to change their mind? Yes, but the odds are stacked against you. You’re better off looking for prospects more aligned to your value proposition than to spend excess time trying to change someone's mind.” 

Nonfiction Authors Association

“It is essential to develop a marketing plan to help promote your new book. A great method is to ask for reviews that you can use on the book’s cover as well as inside. Testimonials from other authors and well-known industry professionals will add credibility to your offering. It will also provide you great comments to use in promoting your book before and after it is released. Remember, you want to start promoting your book in advance of it being available for sale to begin to generate interest and support. You can use the quotes from the testimonials to assist with this process. Remember, it is much more impactful when someone else is singing your praises.”

Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions By Dan Ariely

"This is a powerful mind-influencing book for several reasons:


First, you would learn how the author was seriously burned during an explosion while growing up and how this motivated him rather than stifled his personal development—which is truly inspiring. While this is part of the story, the book is about how humans think and make decisions.


The author illuminates some very complex topics in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. You don’t need to have a degree in psychology to understand and appreciate this book. As the author uses many examples that are familiar to demonstrate how we are predictably irrational–how we make decisions that don’t make sense. 


The examples are great because it causes you to evaluate your decision-making process and you can often remember making a similar decision in a similar context. This approach personalizes the experience for the reader and makes the information easier to comprehend.


The book also shares with the reader how companies, who have a very good understanding of human behavior, often market, or position their products or services in such a way as to motivate us to not only buy but to pick a specific option. 


By creating a context for us to evaluate the value of products or services, they can influence our thinking and behavior. This book is powerful because it will open the readers to being more thoughtful about their decision-making, as well as help them to get the desired behavior in others. 


In this way, I found the book to expand my thinking on the topic and to pause before deciding to ensure I understand the reason why I would want to make a specific choice."

Forbes Business Development Council

"Here’s How To Build Better Publicity And Brand Awareness Through Community Engagement"

13. Don't Toot Your Own Horn

"The best results come from focusing on others and sharing their story, not ours. In turn, this helps us demonstrate how others can join in and contribute. The funny thing about this strategy is that we end up with much better coverage from others who join our cause and acknowledge our contributions. These accolades are always more valuable than tooting our own horn."


“Develop a list of questions that elevate the conversation. You need to demonstrate that you have expertise and experience in the area you’re selling in. Be properly prepared to have a business conversation with stakeholders that demonstrates your higher-level understanding of your role–to solve business problems–not simply to sell something.”

Asher Sales Strategies Podcast

"Join these two authors, John Asher and Vincent Burruano, talking about what took them so long to write their books. That leads to the motivation behind Vincent's latest book, "A Daily Dose of Sales Wisdom". This takes us to an important distinction regarding being nice can be unkind. What Vince means is that honesty is necessary to build trust, and sometimes that means telling a hard truth or two to your sales team. They both make the distinction between being honest and being mean or brutal. These are great communication skills and will help you help your team improve without being on the defensive. Tune in for this episode of Asher Sales Sense, 'Being Honest Isn't the Same as Being Mean or Brutal, But It's Necessary.'"

Vincent "Too often, we are busy and not productive and we're so close to it that we can't tell the difference."

"Welcome back to 'Moving Into the Future.' Today's episode features an interview with Vincent Burruano, critically acclaimed Author and Sales and Business Management Coach, conducted by Jack Macejka, VP of National Sales at The Advance Group. Given Vincent's decades of sales experience, Jack inquires as to how his experiences have influenced his writing and the lessons he chooses to share with his audience. The two discuss everything from their personal sales experiences to how they choose to make a difference in their communities. Listen to the full episode to learn more about their similarities and to hear more of this fascinating conversation."

Link to full podcast here:

Awards for Vincent Burruano

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“Develop a list of questions that elevate the conversation. You need to demonstrate that you have expertise and experience in the area you’re selling in. Be properly prepared to have a business conversation with stakeholders that demonstrates your higher-level understanding of your role–to solve business problems–not simply to sell something.”

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"Member of the Year - Vince Burruano, President of Vince Burruano Consulting Services – The Member of the year award honors an IES member who promotes a culture that values trust, respect, and collaboration to foster continuous improvement."

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