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Thought of the Week: Effective Delegation

Effective Delegation

Everyone should learn the art of delegation. It is one of the most effective ways to get more accomplished in less time. However, if done incorrectly, delegation can create more headaches and waste precious time. Here are some tips for effective delegation.

1. You must assign the task to someone who is willing to own the task.

2. Explain the desired outcome. What do you need accomplished?

3. Set a timeline and expectations for what a good result looks like.

4. Validate their understanding by having them confirm the details and the timeline needed for completion.

5. Let them know you are available if they run into an issue or have a question.

If you are delegating, don’t spend time with a point-by-point task list. Spend the time confirming they understand what is needed and then let them own getting it accomplished. Let them determine the best way to accomplish the task. You may be surprised by how effective they are.

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