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COMING SOON! "Hey Coach, I Gotta Pee!"

My newest book, "Hey Coach, I Gotta Pee!" is a collection of amusing stories from my time as "Coach Vinnie" for youth football and baseball.

It is illustrated by Celia Delahunty, sister to one of my former baseball players, who was often seen on the bleachers at games.

Here is a review from a former player of mine:

"I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the ‘why’ of coaching youth sports, especially from a player’s perspective. It was not always clear what or why we were doing things sometimes, or the bigger picture of many lessons. But stitching together all of the lessons and stories that were so well summarized helps former players and coaches alike realize that it was all worth it. It was bittersweet being able to recall Coach Vinnie and Coach Mike’s opposing demeanors and complementary senses of humor. The lighthearted and comedic tone of the book was reflective of their coaching styles; important lessons were coated with fun and a bit of comedy along the way. I also enjoyed the clarity the book delivers; it shows that Coach Vinnie kept the important things in mind over all these years and reinforced these lessons with every team coached.

I was most surprised by the deep recollection that Coach Vinnie has of so many different stories and memories. These can get lost in the shuffle through so many practices and games, so I am very glad many were included for players, coaches, and families to relate to and enjoy. Moving to sports as we were getting older, many of the hard lessons remained true and the inside jokes are endearing reminders of shared camaraderie. I can’t remember the scores of any games we played (probably not any of the teams, or plays either), but I do remember every player, coach, family, and the fun we were all having.

I’d recommend this book to anyone that participated in youth sports, especially ones with great coaches. Being able to reflect on lessons and memories is an important reminder in overcoming new challenges in our personal and professional lives. Hearing firsthand that so much went into having a positive impact on your life will give you an appreciation and gratefulness in a way that only sports can give you.”

Zach Benlemlih, Player



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